Revisional Surgery for Cosmetic Breast Implants

Cosmetic implants require revisional surgery if they were placed some years ago and this may be due to various reasons, such as:

  1. Ruptured implants
  2. Deformed breasts due to hardening of implants
  3. Droopy breasts: this is particularly after pregnancy and breast-feeding. The correction requires breast- lift (please refer to breast-lift page on this website) along with change in implants.
  4. Change in body weight with age requiring change in size of implants
  5. Women may no longer wish to keep the implants
  6. Visibility of implant due to stretch induced thinning of tissues
  7. Worry about the make of implants (PIP)

The surgeon will discuss the various options during the consultation. There are likely to be limitations in what can be achieved depending on your personal situation and this would be explained to you. You might be recommended staged approach (i.e. more than one surgery) in order to achieve the expected outcome.