Correction of Breast Asymmetry

There is a minor breast asymmetry in majority of the women. However some women may develop significant differences between two breast in their lifetime, which may be a cause of embarrassment or interfere with the quality of life.

The asymmetry may be due to following reasons:

1. Developmental asymmetry: One breast grows more than the other, causing a persistent difference.

2. Congenital asymmetry: This is usually related to chest wall anomalies leading to non-development of breast one side, a typical example being Poland’s syndrome.

3. Trauma or Surgery: An injury or a surgical procedures on the chest wall during the early years of life could hamper breast development.

4. Radiation injury

5. Hypertrophy of breast: Unilateral, disproportionate hypertrophy of breast can be seen during pregnancy or lactation resulting in asymmetry.


1. Surgery: Surgical options need to be discussed individually with the surgeon as they need to be customised according to the situation. Broadly, the surgery could involve reducing the bigger breast or augmenting the smaller breast; although sometimes combination of approach is sometimes necessary to achieve the desired aesthetic result and symmetry. Similarly the extent of scarring would be variable in different circumstances.

2. External prosthesis: to achieve symmetry in clothes.