Revisional breast surgery

Implant reconstruction after mastetcomy is likely to require revisional surgery to maintain the aesthetic outcome. The timing of revisional surgery could vary significantly depending on the initial outcome, treatment received (particularly radiotherapy) and duration since surgery.

You may need further surgery for various reasons; some of them are as below:

  1. Ruptured implants
  2. Deformed breasts due to hardening of implants
  3. Change in body weight with age requiring change in size of implants
  4. Women may no longer wish to keep the implants
  5. Visibility/wrinkling of implant due to thinning of tissues
  6. Unhappy with the aesthetic outcome

The surgeon will discuss the various options during the consultation. There are likely to be significant limitations in what can be achieved and this would be explained to you. You might be recommended staged approach (i.e. more than one surgery) in order to achieve the expected outcome or combination with other procedures such as fat transfer (see under ”Fat Transfer”)