Breast reconstruction after previous mastectomy

This refers to breast reconstruction after having simple mastectomy. The options include

a) Autologous reconstruction: reconstruction with your body tissues. This could be from the back (LD flap) or from the tummy (TRAM/DIEP flap); the two commonly used flaps, although there are other options too (such as buttock flap).

b) Implant based reconstruction: this could be exclusively with implants or LD flap with implant.

You would be assessed by the surgeon for suitable options and be advised of the pros and cons of the various options. The decision would be made in conjunction with yourself, after ensuring that you have understood the process fully. You could choose to speak to another patient who has undergone similar surgery in the past. You would be supported by a breast care nurse though the process.

 LD Flap Leaflet (1014 KB)

 Breastreconstruction BCC (427 KB)