Therapeutic mammaplasty

This operation involves combining a wide local excision (also known as a lumpectomy) with a breast reduction technique resulting in a smaller, uplifted and better shaped breast. This means that the lump can be removed with a wide rim of healthy tissue. The nipple and areola are preserved with their intact blood supply and the remaining breast tissue is repositioned to allow reshaping of the breast. The scars are either in the shape of a lollipop or an anchor (as shown below).

You may have a drain placed in the wound to remove excess fluid collecting in the wound, which is usually left in for 24 hours. This procedure can be undertaken on one or both breasts as discussed with your surgeon.

The nipple is moved to a new position to suit your new breast shape and size but it may end up in a position different to your wishes. The surgeon will try to achieve a mutually agreed breast size whilst performing the operation; however a cup size cannot be guaranteed and there are likely to be significant changes to the breast after radiotherapy.

Photographs are usually taken prior to and after the operation for records and comparison. These will be from your neck down and will be anonymous. You will be asked to sign a consent form to show that you are happy for this to happen.

You will need to be measured for a new bra after surgery – support and guidance can be given with this by your nurse practitioner if required. It is best to wait for 4-6 weeks after surgery before being measured, to allow any bruising or swelling to settle.

 Therapeutic Mammoplasty (176 KB)