Choosing your implant

Choosing the breast implant is a critical step in decision-making process and its very important that you understand little bit how implants are designed and measured. The range of the implants vary with their make, you may be interested in knowing as to which make is being offered to you. Often, surgeons would be familiar with more than one make to help provide them with wider options for patients with different build and body shape.

Broadly speaking, breast Implants come in 2 different shapes: round and teardrop shaped. The later are called anatomical implants as they closely resemble the natural shape of the breast.

Round implants fill out the existing breasts by adding volume to the upper pole of the breast resulting in a “rounded” look. The upper pole of the breast can lose fullness over time due to gravity, resulting in a flatter emptier look. These are often preferred (although not exclusively) for younger women undergoing breast enlargement.

Anatomical or teardrop implants are shaped more naturally to follow the body’s natural lines. The implants fill out existing breast tissue by a subtle increase in upper pole volume and a greater increase in lower pole volume. They can also be used when there is little breast tissue present and the implant assists in shaping the breast. Anatomical implants give a natural yet substantively augmented outcome. They are available in a wide variety of individual shares to match all breast contours.

Implants can be either smooth or textured. Your surgeon will determine which options is right for you, British surgeons tend to prefer textured implants in general.

Selecting the proper implant width is critical to helping ensure your long-term satisfaction with your breast surgery. Your surgeon will be able to find the right match to fit the width of your breast, creating a more natural look.

Breast implants are measured by volume, not cup size. Selecting the right volume for your body is one key for achieving your desired look. The final volume is determined by combining the base width that fits your chest with the projection you desire. It is important to be aware that a larger volume implant may not necessarily mean that your breasts will look bigger – it depends on your body type and shape.

Implant projection means the distance your implants will extend forward from your chest wall. A higher projection can be another way to give the impression of larger breast size. Talk to your surgeon about which profile is right for you.

Oxford Breast Clinic tends to use implants manufactured by Natrelle, Mentor or Nagor.

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